Thursday, April 11, 2013

Episode 15: The Wildest! - Strange, Outsider and Contradictory Music

After a number of podcasts which barely addressed the subject, we've finally got an episode on strange, outsider and contradictory music.  This is material that is out of step with normality, either just a tiny bit or more substantially.

For your convenience, a direct download and torrent download of this episode.

Your All-Time Great Album word cloud this week is: In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson!

Categories covered:
  • 13 A really creepy song (Creep by Radiohead not permitted)
  • 43 A song you feel 'set the world on fire while no one was listening' (similar to, but not on, the Wire's playlist)
    • Turner: Such a Color - Shugo Tokumaru - Night Piece
    • Jon: Epitaph - The Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird
  • 44 "Avant-garde" or super strange song
  • 50 Song that most defies genre classification
    • Turner: Bring on the Lettuce - Factory of Angst - Plague Years: The Best of Factory of Angst
    • Jon: Myr Myr Myr - Jgimblypuff and the House Kattz - Tracks and Tricks to Slay the Compsbeast {Another FREE download}
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