Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode 8: The Mans Do What They Cans - The Best Album of 2012

Turner and Jon amazingly agree on what album was the best one of the previous year: Open Your Heart by The Men.

In our first non-scavenger hunt episode we'll go through it track by track and discuss how it succeeds and fails on the themes we've focused on in other TEP episodes: sequencing, lyrics, surprises, musical careers and influences and more.

As a bonus, here's a word cloud of the lyrics of the album:

On an administrative note, The Eternal Playlist has been updated until this point based on when episodes are finished editing.  This meant that you'd get a cluster of three episodes at once and then maybe nothing for a couple weeks (or months in this particular case).  No longer!  We're now on a set schedule: one episode per week, no more and no less.  We've also got a few new weekly features coming soon.  Stay tuned.


  • Some guy named Fuzzy Material has posted the entire album, song by song, on YouTube.  I'm sure this will be taken down eventually, but until then here's a 'try before you buy' way of listening to the album.
  • And here are the lyrics to the album (some of them may be slightly wrong, but it's the best set I've found so far)